Tis The Season… to prepare for Ice Melt!

JCL Solutions has all your Ice Melting Needs
Buy by the bag or pallet
And… Don’t forget Ice Melt Neutralizer

*Add Neutralizer to your mop bucket water when mopping up ice melt residue from floors. Neutralizes the salt and eliminates the damaging and bothersome white haze on floors.

Tip Sheet: Proper Use of Ice Melt

• Tip 1 – Be careful not to overuse your ice melt product, use just enough to penetrate the snow and ice and loosen its bond with the pavement. Too much product is very costly and can lead to other problems with concrete and vegetation. Apply the recommended amount per the manufacturer.

• Tip 2 – Ice melts are meant to loosen the ice and snow from the pavement, and provide traction for pedestrians and vehicles. Once the melting action has loosened the ice, it should be removed mechanically with a plow or manually with a shovel.

• Tip 3 – Pre-application makes it easy for snow removal. By applying ice melt before the snow falls, you can prevent ice from bonding to the surface, and therefore simplify the job of shoveling or plowing. Keep in mind that this can cause a brine to re-freeze under a heavy snow fall if shoveling or plowing does not occur within a reasonable time.

• Tip 4 – Ice Melter should not to be Used on Concrete That is Cured Less than One Year

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